Friday, 2 April 2010

What feeds your spirit?

Though I'm a luddite generally with machines, there are some parts of our new technology that I love.  E-mail because it helps me keep in touch with family on the other side of the world.  And teleseminars because they also help me keep in touch; with writing development, with business development and with spirit development.

For the last few months I've taken advantage of generous people who are sharing an enquiry they're making about the future of spirituality. Led by Craig Hamilton they've gathered together an interesting group of people.

Now I have no idea what your faith or beliefs are.  We might agree or not.  That's not important.  What's important to me is that I want to offer you the same opportunity to listen to these people who are in their own lives forging ahead in how they integrate their spirituality.  Despite my initial misgivngs about the series, I've learned something from each speaker.

Like - we are made of Stardust from Connie Barlow.  That thought had me singing to myself for a whole week.  The link below takes you to a download page.  I hope that can find something of value there.

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