Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Derek Rydall and The Law of Emergence: why it's the only law you need to achieve your full potential

Today's interview on the Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering, is with Derek Rydall, Hollywood actor, script writer, and author.

Never made the Law of Attraction work for you? Find out why and how you can finally accept you're perfect as you are.

Sceptical? Come and listen to Derek and park your sceptism for an hour while he explains what he means.

Find out why there's a buzz of conversation over at #WFYH12 and join in with your ideas on what it takes to be a heart centred writer.

As you might expect of an actor, Derek is a powerful speaker, but his words are from his experience and from his heart.  To get access to all the calls go to:

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Joe Nunziata on Busting Your Karma to Heal Your Life

Today on Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering, I'll be interviewing Joe Nunziata, author of Karma Buster.

Have you ever wondered why you don't make any headway and you keep getting stuck in patterns that make no real sense to you? Listen to Joe and let him show you ways to dissolve those patterns.

Eight years ago I met up with Joe, telephonically when he coached me as a newbie in the writing business. Practical, focused and thorough, he helped me enormously and it will be a pleasure to talk to him again.

As a practitioner, not a theorist, Joe always looks for ways that work to move you on. So I'm expecting an  energetic and life affirming session with him.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WFYH12 Online Gathering

Taking time to reflect on yesterday. During the day I was such a mixture of nerves and excitement. All the hard work, all the technical challenges - not my favourite part - finally coming together to create a place for us to meet.

Logging into the control panel for the event it was wonderful to see people joining us.Checking on who was asking questions during the discussion with Raphael underlined for me that you do want to know how to deal with the challenges we face being heart centred  writers.

I listened to quite a few of Raphael's recent series about Teaching What You Need to Learn. This featured spiritual teachers from many faiths and opened my eyes to some of their challenges. It's easy to think that because they are out in the world with that tag of being spiritual teachers and counsellors, they have all the answers.

Just as Raphael was prepared to share his vulnerabilities and issues, so did the people he interviewed and I listened to them much heartened.

As he said, living with an undercurrent of joy is one thing, but we still have to face daily challenges. Being able to rest on a secure foundation does mean that we recover faster maybe when we get knocked off balance.

That's a theme I think Sue Morter will talk about later. Looking forward to speaking to her.

August Gold on Igniting Your Creative Voice

Tomorrow on Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering, I interview August Gold, storyteller supreme.

I've been following August's work for some years and what I love about her is her down to earth spirituality. Host of the Happy Hour w/August Gold in New York and author of The Prayer Chest, she combines deep rooted belief in Spirit with a challenging but compassionate way of helping people face the obstacles in their lives.

No time to meditate? Let August show you how you can find those precious minutes that can change your life.

Our third speaker in our first week theme of being in your body, August's high energy delivery will have you laughing, sometimes at yourself, and draw you nearer to the truth of who you really are.

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For more about August's work,

Over on Twitter check out the #WFYH12 for the ongoing conversation.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dr Sue Morter on the bridging of spirit and science

On Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering tomorrow 24 October 2012 my guest is Dr Sue Morter, internationally recognised for her work on bridging science, spirit and human possibility.

As the second speaker in Week 1 of our 5 week exploration into what it takes to be a heart centred writer today, Dr Sue as she is known to many people, will continue the theme of grounding us in our bodies while we serve spirit.

From an early age Dr Sue was taught by her father to question the unexpected events in people's health. What caused them, why they didn't respond to treatment and what the individual could do to change matters.

Taking things back to first principles, Dr Sue has built up an impressive body of work and I look forward to a lively, challenging and stimulating discussion.

If you're not signed up for the online gathering head over to  You'll find a list of the speakers and their subjects during our 5 week exploration of what it takes to be a heart centred writer today.

For more about Dr Sue check out her website

Monday, 22 October 2012

Raphael Cushnir talking about emotional connection

On Writing From Your Heart tomorrow I'll interview Raphael Cushnir, a well respected author and personal growth coach.

His book The One Thing Holding You Back is a hands on, practical approach to dealing with emotions.

A large topic and one that threatens all our lives at some time as we stumble over unwanted emotions and become blocked by not letting them go.

What happens when we don't deal with emotion that hits us? Whether it's anger because we feel we've no control over our lives or grief at some loss of a person or position, not first acknowledging then clearing the emotion can result in physical and or mental stresses.

That pain in the neck you have at the end of the working day? Yes you might have sat in a draught at work... or it might be the result of unresolved conflict with a colleague.

It's a fascinating subject and I'm looking forward to learning from Raphael's experience with clients.

His techniques include the 2 x 2 process and one I love the sound of, cradling your emotions.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering

It's very odd beavering away, writing for this bit of software then that. Autoresponder message, emails, social media messages. So much of it is done here in my attic office with the huge window through which I can see blue sky and fluffy clouds.

The messages though are going out all over the world and that's the wonderful, exciting and miraculous journey they're taking. At the moment I have no idea about the people who are receiving them. That's what I want to happen as the Gathering begins and builds momentum.

Over the weekend, thanks to one of my speakers Linda Joy from Aspire Magazine, my contacts had quite a boost and I began to feel connected to others. That's the key intention of Writing From Your Heart. This is such an important time for all of us who attempt every day to live from the heart. Despite all the challenges and the obstacles, we open our hearts to others.

My daily meditation about the gathering includes a visualisation of me being a pin prick of light on the planet. Then I imagine other lights appearing all over the planet with connecting lines till I see a matrix of lines shooting off all over the place.

From the first idea, or I should say, nudge from Spirit, this event has emerged into being. I send it love and light every day and it is growing. What its outcomes will be I have no idea and it isn't important that I know all the connections that will be made during the event. All that's important is that they are made and we are all supported and encouraged as a result.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering 2012

Just been chatting with one of my event speakers, Linda Joy of Aspire Magazine. Lovely lady and so supportive of what I'm trying to do.

Which is create a safe space online for us to discuss how we can live and write from the heart.

For me it's been a scary topic for a long time. It's interesting that Sharon Crawford my wonderful telesummit trainer, remarked that the event website, reflected my gentle energy.

It took me a few minutes to accept the comment because I've tried to keep quiet about that side of me for a long time. In the business world, the gentle approach was not exactly the most successful approach. Certainly not 25 years ago when I went to a business meeting and was one of only 3 women among the grey suits.

Thank goodness it's changing now. And not only changing but accelerating as more people, particularly women are no longer prepared to put up a front.

It's been a year of significant change for me and I've surrendered to working from my heart in a way I never have before. Scary it has been... taking me into areas of activity I've never tried before.

I've had to face head on my tech phobia.
I've had to stick my head above the parapet in a big way.
I've had to accept the work Spirit wants me to do.

The only reason I felt able to do it is because I said I was doing it for other people.

Now of course I have to admit, while that's true, it's not the only truth. It can't help but be for me as well.
Just contacting all the speakers has influenced me and what will happen when we do the interviews I have no idea.

My life externally as well as internally looks very different now from six months ago. And I'm glad of it, because it was going nowhere as it was.

If you have any interest in writing from your heart, then I invite you to join our gathering. We begin on 23 October and that's such an exciting prospect. To be able to interview, 14 world class authors, speakers and agents of transformation.

Check out the website for the full list but they include Julia McCutchen and Tom Evans from the UK and Linda Joy and August Gold from the US. (and we have two Canadians)