Monday, 12 November 2012

Lynn Serafinn on 5 fears of writing and marketing

Wednesday 14th November 7pm I'm lucky enough to have captured Lynn Serafinn and pinned her down for an hour. She's having a whirlwind year with the success of her book, The 7 Graces of Marketing and her Global Conference that followed it up earlier this year.

Lynn Serafinn is nothing short of a phenomenon: author, radio host, marketing and social media expert.

Not only that, she's holding a global vision for the way we do business. Her indepth analysis of what's wrong with the way we sell now and plan to change it, could revolutionise the way you do business.

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Sheila Steptoe talks Tuesday 13th November about her transformation on WFYH12

I've just been researching some more about Sheila Steptoe before interviewing her for #WFYH12 on Tuesday.

We connected in the summer and when I called her, I felt the waves of warmth coming down the phone towards me. Lovely.

This week we're discussing spiritual transformation and often the term has put me off by smacking of something out there and not applicable to the life we all lead. With jobs to do and bills to meet and people to get on with.

What I particularly like about Sheila is how down to earth she is. She relates what happened to her but connects it up to us as humans living a spiritual life.

I'd love you to join us.and gain some insight into how to create your own transformation... on a day by day basis.

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Julia McCutchen talks about Conscious and Creative Writing on #WFYH12

In-depth experience, loving guidance and practical wisdom. Julia McCutchen brings all three to the table whenever she talks to writers. I've appreciated her support during this event and am looking forward to discussing her approach to her own writing and mentoring others.

Join us Thursday 15th November 7pm.

Appreciation: Giving and Receiving

Since the Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering began, I've been receiving feedback.

Positive feedback - which is absolutely wonderful.

Because when you set about hosting an online event, challenges abound. For me the technical issues were and remain the things that trip me up the most.

What I have enjoyed above all else is the connection with the speakers... and the listeners.

I've been that holder of a space where people can meet. In the past I've done it in physical space like facilitating courses. But this was my first cyber-space event and to begin with I wondered how I could do it.

Really though it's just the same as if people were in the same room. Doesn't matter that they listen singly all over the world.

For me I imagine them all connected up and together.

That makes it easy and it seems as if those who listen are receiving the feeling that I'm transmitting.

Which brings me back to the appreciation.

One definition of appreciation is: recognition of the value or significance of something.

Over this last weekend I've been mulling over some ideas about giving and receiving appreciation.

Why we offer it, why we don't and why it can be hard to accept.

During the last few years I've listened to dozens of speakers on a variety of online events.

How often have I sent an appreciative comment?

I'm ashamed to say hardly ever.

What stops us offering appreciation?

It's not because I haven't found significance or value in the talks. Far from it.

Especially this year I've gained huge support and inspiration from listening to speakers talking about subjects as diverse as abundance, lessons they need to learn as they follow a spiritual path, and how to improve your health.

So what stopped me?

Inertia, lack of putting myself in their shoes and a feeling it wouldn't matter. Especially with the more well known speakers, I felt that lots of people would be commenting so it didn't make a difference if I didn't.

Now the boot's on the other foot so to speak, I understand exactly what it can mean to a speaker or host to receive a comment that the words have helped them.

So I'm immensely grateful to those who took the time and trouble to comment.

Which brings me the receiving of appreciation.

Why do we find it difficult to accept appreciation?

Years ago I worked in a block of serviced offices and next door to mine was a young woman offering secretarial services. One of her clients came in most weeks and I'd often meet him in the corridor or we three would share a coffee.

On one occasion he complimented me on a jacket I was wearing and my reply was along the lines of 'I've had this ages, etc etc.'

He stopped me and said, 'By not accepting I meant the compliment, you're rejecting my good wishes.'

As you can imagine it stopped me in my tracks and after that I made a conscious effort, and still do to accept        compliments, even when they take unexpected forms.

Do we appreciate ourselves enough?

If we're exhorted to 'love others as ourselves' how good a job are we doing for others when we don't appreciate ourselves?

Not very good. But when much of my upbringing was to stop me being vain, and not blowing my own trumpet then self praise is tough.

I know that when I reach the end of the Gathering and I sit down to assess how it went, it will be more natural to focus on the mistakes than on the sheer achievement of making it happen.

Which would put down those people who took the trouble to send me their thoughts and loving kindnesses. So I've decided that at the head of the review list is going to be a Didn't We Do Well item.

Big lesson for me there.

How do you deal with giving and receiving appreciation?

There's still time to join in with six more powerful speakers in Weeks 4 and 5 as we look at transformation and how we get our message out in the world.

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tom Evans, aka The Bookwright, on Channelling, today on WFYH12

Tom Evans, master at Bending Time and producing published books in 14 days, speaks on the subject of Channelling. at 7Pm UK and 11AM Pacific. Lively, direct and so supportive, Tom will share his views, ideas, and experience. to sign up. Live session and 48 hour replay.

What would it do for your writing and your business to be able to go from blank page to book in your hand in 14 days?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Janet Conner speaks on Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering today

Janet Conner, author of Writing Down Your Soul and The Lotus and the Lily, discusses how she came to write her first book and find the way of writing that has created a sacred new way of living for her.

Find out why I wanted her to speak on this event and what impact she has had on me.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering - Week 2

So thankful and delighted with this week's speakers for their wit, wisdom and generosity.

Elizabeth Marshall stepped in at the last minute for a speaker who had to reschedule and gave us gold nuggets galore about the importance of creating deep connections. Since she's worked with some of the top authors it pays to take notice of her. If she's good enough for Michael Port, Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki, who am I to reject her advice!

Derek Rydall offered such a strong and honest message he had one of my friends saying 'yes that's me and I need to change, NOW!' I love Derek's concept of Emergineering. It's back to allowing our message to come out, not forcing them.

Amethyst Wyldfyre challenged us on our responsibility to stand up and be clear in our message - the one only we can offer.

All offered nuggets and the calls, and generous gifts.

Still time to sign up and receive the gifts. The replays end Sunday 4th November Midnight Pacific Time.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Amethyst Wyldfyre asks - Are you Hiding Your True Power by not Speaking Out

A challenging interview in store for us today on Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering. Amethyst Wyldfyre offers a provocative perspective on how writers need to tackle these dangerous questions.

Like speaking out... and making money.

Still not reached your full potential? Do you know yet what your full potential might be... if you were prepared to speak out?

Come and join us in this most contentious conversation. Can we be heart centred... and rich? If not why not?

It's a topic that's been an obstacle for me for many years, and this year I'm tackling it head on. I do think it's time I sorted it. If that's you too, well join me as I talk to Amethyst. You can post questions if you join us live and I'll make sure they're covered in the interview.

Not yet registered for the event? That's easy to sort out - just go to Takes seconds to register.

Amethyst has long experience of shaking people up... to help them fulfil their potential.

I'm prepared... I think!

Come and join us and see what happens.

For more on Amethyst and why I wanted to share her with you,

For the Gathering Twitter conversation #WFYH12