Monday, 10 May 2010

Stanley Middleton

On Saturday I attended a celebration in honour of Stanley Middleton, the Nottingham author who died last summer.  It was a moving and happy  occasion including all aspects of his life, not only his work.

His close family were there with his granddaughters playing a central role, reading his poems and singing his favourite pieces.  Better critics than me talked about why they believe he is an underrated author.

Why did I enjoy his books.  Well in the same way that Jane Austen's books are full of the everything and nothing events that make up our lives, so I found his writing to cover similar ground.  He was described at the event as focusing on small details and that was true.  He wanted us to know what his characters were made of.

Often I found his books disturbing as well as comforting.  A confirmation that we get through everything but a reminder to look at our motives as we do so.

There is one last book to be published in August called A Cautious Approach then it will be a matter of re-reading what there is to gain more insights into us as humans.

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