Thursday, 1 November 2012

Amethyst Wyldfyre asks - Are you Hiding Your True Power by not Speaking Out

A challenging interview in store for us today on Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering. Amethyst Wyldfyre offers a provocative perspective on how writers need to tackle these dangerous questions.

Like speaking out... and making money.

Still not reached your full potential? Do you know yet what your full potential might be... if you were prepared to speak out?

Come and join us in this most contentious conversation. Can we be heart centred... and rich? If not why not?

It's a topic that's been an obstacle for me for many years, and this year I'm tackling it head on. I do think it's time I sorted it. If that's you too, well join me as I talk to Amethyst. You can post questions if you join us live and I'll make sure they're covered in the interview.

Not yet registered for the event? That's easy to sort out - just go to Takes seconds to register.

Amethyst has long experience of shaking people up... to help them fulfil their potential.

I'm prepared... I think!

Come and join us and see what happens.

For more on Amethyst and why I wanted to share her with you,

For the Gathering Twitter conversation #WFYH12

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