Monday, 12 November 2012

Sheila Steptoe talks Tuesday 13th November about her transformation on WFYH12

I've just been researching some more about Sheila Steptoe before interviewing her for #WFYH12 on Tuesday.

We connected in the summer and when I called her, I felt the waves of warmth coming down the phone towards me. Lovely.

This week we're discussing spiritual transformation and often the term has put me off by smacking of something out there and not applicable to the life we all lead. With jobs to do and bills to meet and people to get on with.

What I particularly like about Sheila is how down to earth she is. She relates what happened to her but connects it up to us as humans living a spiritual life.

I'd love you to join us.and gain some insight into how to create your own transformation... on a day by day basis.

Join us to listen live or on replay.

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