Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Derek Rydall and The Law of Emergence: why it's the only law you need to achieve your full potential

Today's interview on the Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering, is with Derek Rydall, Hollywood actor, script writer, and author.

Never made the Law of Attraction work for you? Find out why and how you can finally accept you're perfect as you are.

Sceptical? Come and listen to Derek and park your sceptism for an hour while he explains what he means.

Find out why there's a buzz of conversation over at #WFYH12 and join in with your ideas on what it takes to be a heart centred writer.

As you might expect of an actor, Derek is a powerful speaker, but his words are from his experience and from his heart.  To get access to all the calls go to:

For more about Derek visit

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