Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic fever

I was only going to stay up for part of the opening ceremony and watched it all. I was only going to watch a few things and every time I go down to make a drink or stop for lunch I'm dipping into the events.

Normally you wouldn't get me within miles of a rowing venue but I've just shrieked my lungs out trying to will the men's eight boat to the gold medal.

I'm sure after the two weeks are over I'll go back to complete indifference to the sports pages in the weekend paper. But how can I not get involved with so many of my fellow humans are trying their hardest to reach previously unheard of times and go beyond their personal goals.

In later blogs I want to share some of my goals and how I've been inspired by the athletes but it seems churlish not to leave this post to those taking part in the Olympics and the ParaOlympics to come.

Here's to all of them whatever their event or sport and wherever they end up in the competition.

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