Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WFYH12 Online Gathering

Taking time to reflect on yesterday. During the day I was such a mixture of nerves and excitement. All the hard work, all the technical challenges - not my favourite part - finally coming together to create a place for us to meet.

Logging into the control panel for the event it was wonderful to see people joining us.Checking on who was asking questions during the discussion with Raphael underlined for me that you do want to know how to deal with the challenges we face being heart centred  writers.

I listened to quite a few of Raphael's recent series about Teaching What You Need to Learn. This featured spiritual teachers from many faiths and opened my eyes to some of their challenges. It's easy to think that because they are out in the world with that tag of being spiritual teachers and counsellors, they have all the answers.

Just as Raphael was prepared to share his vulnerabilities and issues, so did the people he interviewed and I listened to them much heartened.

As he said, living with an undercurrent of joy is one thing, but we still have to face daily challenges. Being able to rest on a secure foundation does mean that we recover faster maybe when we get knocked off balance.

That's a theme I think Sue Morter will talk about later. Looking forward to speaking to her.

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