Monday, 22 October 2012

Raphael Cushnir talking about emotional connection

On Writing From Your Heart tomorrow I'll interview Raphael Cushnir, a well respected author and personal growth coach.

His book The One Thing Holding You Back is a hands on, practical approach to dealing with emotions.

A large topic and one that threatens all our lives at some time as we stumble over unwanted emotions and become blocked by not letting them go.

What happens when we don't deal with emotion that hits us? Whether it's anger because we feel we've no control over our lives or grief at some loss of a person or position, not first acknowledging then clearing the emotion can result in physical and or mental stresses.

That pain in the neck you have at the end of the working day? Yes you might have sat in a draught at work... or it might be the result of unresolved conflict with a colleague.

It's a fascinating subject and I'm looking forward to learning from Raphael's experience with clients.

His techniques include the 2 x 2 process and one I love the sound of, cradling your emotions.

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