Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering

It's very odd beavering away, writing for this bit of software then that. Autoresponder message, emails, social media messages. So much of it is done here in my attic office with the huge window through which I can see blue sky and fluffy clouds.

The messages though are going out all over the world and that's the wonderful, exciting and miraculous journey they're taking. At the moment I have no idea about the people who are receiving them. That's what I want to happen as the Gathering begins and builds momentum.

Over the weekend, thanks to one of my speakers Linda Joy from Aspire Magazine, my contacts had quite a boost and I began to feel connected to others. That's the key intention of Writing From Your Heart. This is such an important time for all of us who attempt every day to live from the heart. Despite all the challenges and the obstacles, we open our hearts to others.

My daily meditation about the gathering includes a visualisation of me being a pin prick of light on the planet. Then I imagine other lights appearing all over the planet with connecting lines till I see a matrix of lines shooting off all over the place.

From the first idea, or I should say, nudge from Spirit, this event has emerged into being. I send it love and light every day and it is growing. What its outcomes will be I have no idea and it isn't important that I know all the connections that will be made during the event. All that's important is that they are made and we are all supported and encouraged as a result.

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  1. Dearest Eileen:
    Thanks for sending love and light everyday for the Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering. I send gratitude to you across the oceans that you are arranging such a wonderful event to connect write hearted writers. xo Tanya Levy, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada