Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering 2012

Just been chatting with one of my event speakers, Linda Joy of Aspire Magazine. Lovely lady and so supportive of what I'm trying to do.

Which is create a safe space online for us to discuss how we can live and write from the heart.

For me it's been a scary topic for a long time. It's interesting that Sharon Crawford my wonderful telesummit trainer, remarked that the event website, reflected my gentle energy.

It took me a few minutes to accept the comment because I've tried to keep quiet about that side of me for a long time. In the business world, the gentle approach was not exactly the most successful approach. Certainly not 25 years ago when I went to a business meeting and was one of only 3 women among the grey suits.

Thank goodness it's changing now. And not only changing but accelerating as more people, particularly women are no longer prepared to put up a front.

It's been a year of significant change for me and I've surrendered to working from my heart in a way I never have before. Scary it has been... taking me into areas of activity I've never tried before.

I've had to face head on my tech phobia.
I've had to stick my head above the parapet in a big way.
I've had to accept the work Spirit wants me to do.

The only reason I felt able to do it is because I said I was doing it for other people.

Now of course I have to admit, while that's true, it's not the only truth. It can't help but be for me as well.
Just contacting all the speakers has influenced me and what will happen when we do the interviews I have no idea.

My life externally as well as internally looks very different now from six months ago. And I'm glad of it, because it was going nowhere as it was.

If you have any interest in writing from your heart, then I invite you to join our gathering. We begin on 23 October and that's such an exciting prospect. To be able to interview, 14 world class authors, speakers and agents of transformation.

Check out the website for the full list but they include Julia McCutchen and Tom Evans from the UK and Linda Joy and August Gold from the US. (and we have two Canadians)

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